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Masai Mara is Kenya's finest wildlife reserve. Every year the great migration crosses the Grumeti river from Tanzania's Serengeti plains‚ northwards to the Masai Mara.

Selous Mafia 09:15 11:15
Arusha Maasai Mara 07:25 12:45
Serengeti Maasai Mara 08:45 12:45
Kigali Maasai Mara 06:00(CAT) 12:45
Maasai Mara Serengeti 11:30 16:45
Maasai Mara Manyara 11:30 17:30
Maasai Mara Kilimanjaro(JRO) 11:30 18:30
Arrival and departure times may change according to the airstrip


Angama Mara‚ Keekorok‚ Kichwa Tembo‚ Musiara‚ Ngerende‚ Mara North‚ Ol Seki‚ Olare Orok‚ OlKiombo‚ Mara Serena‚ Siana.

Highlights to explore

Masa Mara is Kenya’s finest wildlife reserve. Every July and August the great migration crosses the Grumeti river from Tanzania’s Serengeti plains. Northwards to the Masai Mara.

Travel info

1. Hot Air Balloon; A hot air balloon over the Masai Mara is possibly the most incredible way to see this fantastic ecosystem. Get a better perspective of the area and admire the Masai Mara’s beauty from the sky. The hot air balloon departs just before dawn with the balloon rising as the first sunlight lights the Mara. Enjoy the tranquility of a balloon ride as you float above the plains watching the wildlife below. See the forest and the rivers of the Masai Mara on a truly unique experience as we drift in the breeze. See why the Masai named this the ‘Mara’‚ which means ‘spotted’ as you see the circles of trees‚ shadows from clouds‚ and scrubland that create the beautiful scenery.

2. Witness the Wildebeest Migration; it is an annual event where over a million wildebeest‚ zebra‚ and gazelle migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara in a continuous cycle following the rains and fresh grass. The migration often takes place between the months of July and October and is anticipated by hundreds of tourists and the Masai Mara’s predators alike. This is also the time when the wildebeest give birth. Life not only arrives with the birth of wildebeest‚ but also with the actions of predators and the arrival of lions and hyenas.

3. Big game walking Safari; A walking safari is a great way to get onto the Masai Mara in the same manner as early explorers. Enjoy exploring the area on foot with highly trained guides. As you are no longer inside a custom designed safari vehicle‚ enjoy more excitement as you explore the Masai Mara looking for some fantastic wildlife.