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Founded by ingenious entrepreneur Nicola Colangelo‚ Coastal started in 1987 as an inbound operator offering “Personalized Safaris & Air Charters” for the tourism market when the natural beauty of Tanzania was not commonly known amongst the global community. The original Coastal fleet comprised of one Aircraft‚ a Cessna 206T and three beautiful large Dhows‚ a typical East African small sailing boat. As the country experienced economic development‚ sailing to Zanzibar became a business for faster powered boats. Coastal Aviation decided to focus on the aviation side of the business but maintained the Dhow at sunset on the logo to remind us of our romantic beginnings.

Today‚ Coastal Aviation’s versatile fleet comprises of 10 Cessna Grand Caravan C208B and 5 Pilatus PC-12/45. In 2019 we carried over 150‚000 passengers operating into roughly 100 airstrips‚ some of them located in the most isolated pockets of East Africa. Alongside its operations‚ the company has grown with offices and bases in Tanzanian major hubs like Dar es salaam‚ Zanzibar‚ Arusha‚ Mwanza‚ employing over 300 staff members.


Safari‚ no matter how long or short‚ has always resulted in adventure‚ an element of chance and a potentially volatile itinerary to capture the most amazingly unique experiences up close and first-hand.

The flying safari instead gives a broader‚ horizon-reaching perspective of the African wilderness free of traffic‚ poor roads and the minibus melee. Powered by our versatile fleet‚ we have brought you even closer to your destination than even before‚ with our range growing as our roots reach deeper into the wilderness.

The Flying Safari has eradicated the barriers of long distances‚ hostile weather and an absence of roads or bridges‚ to make traveling in Africa one of the most intrepid and magical experiences of a lifetime. A flight over the African bush and the Indian ocean coastline offers breath-taking views over the most astonishing landscapes‚ which will carve places in your heart and minds allowing you to appreciate the beauty and vastness of Africa.

Safety: Our key Value

All our flights are operated with two pilots in Multi-Crew Coordination

Under the bonnet at Coastal‚ much of our investment and company drive is taking shape to reset the standards of safari flying in Tanzania. We stand by our set of values‚ which is to put safety at the top of our agenda‚ the customer as our heart and pulse‚ whilst needing to operate as OneTeam‚ who collaborate and engage with agility.

We have been working very hard on reinforcing our safety culture within Coastal and are making huge strides. We have made great progress on MCC which was launched December 1‚ 2018. MCC is Multi Crew Coordination‚ 2 crew members trained and assessed to work as a team in the cockpit to promote safety. Our crews have normalized with working in this new paradigm‚ more akin to the major international airlines.

We continue to strive for excellence. We now have much more rigorous safety reporting‚ including more vigorous follow up processes‚ driven by the most senior managers of the business. We do actively engage with other operators and agencies to promote safety in our airspace‚ often choosing to imitate or lead those initiatives.

That was just the beginning! For our pilots‚ we continue to promote higher standards through more robust training and line checks‚ complimented with their continuous evaluation and assessment. Our modus operandi includes random & regular compliance test of our staff – which critically includes pilots‚ engineers and the ground staff operating at our airports and airstrips.


From the left: Egla Rogers‚ Rashida Pothiwalla‚ Agnes Msumari‚ Julieth Kimaro & Fatma Mwinjo.


From the left: Athens Baino‚ John Patrick‚ Erick Kioko‚ Olusegun Medubi & Janine Deetlefs.


From the left: Maynard Mkumbwa‚ Erick Kioko‚ Jonathan Sayer‚ Janine Deetlefs‚ Emile Dellieu‚ Zulfikar Okera‚ Olusegun Medubi & Saleh Kimbute.